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Highly personalized, quality oriented automotive service brought right to your home or office!

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What is a Mobile Mechanic?

A mobile mechanic is a mechanic who brings the auto shop right to you!

Instead of having to bring your vehicle to a shop and wait around for it to get fixed, I perform your work at your home or office!

Thank You for 1 Year In Business!

We have big things in the works this year, thank you for your patronage!

Hey there!

My name is Neil Cook

I am a professional, certified mobile mechanic and all around gear head. After working with cars professionally for over 5 years, I founded my company because I have a vision for a better auto repair industry. My mission is be of service to my community above all else.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday
10:00AM - 6:00PM
10:00AM - 3:00PM
Sunday & Monday

We Do Not Work On:

Diesel trucks, 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and other powersports

Why choose a mobile mechanic?


Why go through the hassle of taking your vehicle to a traditional brick and mortar garage and sitting around in a waiting room? Instead, get all your automotive needs met from the comfort of your own home!


When you take your car to a traditional garage, you rarely get to talk to the actual mechanic. The person you talk to is likely a saleperson, who is usually paid commission. As a mobile mechanic, I get the opportunity to show my customers exactly what's wrong with their vehicle, and how I am going to fix it.


The nature of a mobile mechanic business allows me to have a very low overhead cost when compared to a traditional shop. This low operational cost allows me to pass those savings onto you! You simply cannot get the value I offer anywhere else.


No more worrying about your vehicle while it's out of sight! Hiring a mobile mechanic allows you to be present during the repair process, which requires transparency between the mechanic and the customer.


Get quality service brought to your door

Supreme Maintenance

From transmission services to brake jobs, get all your regular maintenance taken care of for a great price. Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle in tip-top condition!

OEM Repair

A misbehaving car is stressful enough. Get some peace of mind with a professional repair job using manufacturer approved parts and equipment.

Risk-Free Diagnostics

check engine blue.png

Is your car making a strange noise? Maybe something isn't working consistently. Let me take a crack at it, and if I can't figure out your problem you don't pay a dime!

Amy S.

"Neil is AMAZING! He got my radiator put in AND replaced my cooling fan, in just a few hours when the dealership said they could MAYBE look at it in 3 days…some people have jobs here js. He is super friendly and responsive and explains everything from what he is paying and what you pay to why! He answered all of my questions confidently and he was right(I googled it). HIGHLY RECOMEND him and will always call him in the future!"

Lisa S.

"Neil is the greatest! We have an old Acura MDX that wouldn’t start one morning, and we didn’t want to have it towed. We called Neil and he came out the same day for a diagnostic. We thought it was going to be an expensive repair, but it turned out to be very minor and Neil fixed it for an extremely reasonable fee within a short amount of time. He was professional, an excellent communicator, upfront about costs, and very knowledgeable about the Honda/Acura brand. He didn’t try to sell us on other services like many repair shops do; he just fixed the issue and got our car running again. We will definitely be calling him in the future!"

Julie G.

"Neil was fantastic. We purchased a used VW from a small dealer for our daughter’s graduation. Unfortunately on the way home from the dealer the transmission had issues. The dealership had Neil come out and diagnose the problem. It turned out to be a bad transmission. He replaced it within 2 days and we were very happy with his honesty, work ethic and pricing . He was very organized and we will definitely use him again on all of our vehicles. John and Julie"

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