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Neil Cook

Born and raised in Aurora, CO, my passion is fixing cars. I spent nearly 5 years of my life working for enormous dealership conglomerates. I became weary of the questionable business practices I saw around me every day. I decided to leave my cushy corporate job as a technician with Porsche, and strike it out on my own. I see a future for a different kind of auto repair service, one that treats it's customers and technicians like family instead of numbers in a spreadsheet.

I founded my company in response to the poor working conditions of these companies. I hope to show customers and technicians alike that there is a better way of doing things. It is imperative to me that I can be of service to my fellow people, everything else is secondary to that.


My mission is simple; to provide honest, high quality auto services for a fair price to the good people of my community.

I want to educate my customers about their vehicles, and to earn my community's trust in myself and my skills.

What is Motor Medicine LLC?

I started Motor Medicine LLC with a vision for a better auto industry.

The auto industry is fundamentally flawed in my opinion, technicians are woefully underpaid in many cases, which results in low quality repair work.

Often, the livelihood of the technicians and customers takes a backseat to the monetary gains to be made for the managers of repair facilities.

In a world where car ownership is a barrier to entry into societal participation, car repair must be treated with the utmost respect and precision.

Fixing cars is a very difficult skill, it's like 5 different trades wrapped up into one, and too often the task is not taken seriously enough.

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