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I will do just about anything on just about any vehicle!

Maintenance, repair, and diagnostics, I am equipped to handle all your automotive needs!


Auto service is not one size fits all, each vehicle has different service requirements and intervals. As a result, it is impossible to provide firm pricing without first gathering information about the vehicle.

Flat Rate Labor

Flat rate labor refers to the system mechanics use to charge their customers. This is a standard industry practice where manufacturers release a book of labor times for every possible repair job, this labor time is then multiplied by the labor rate to determine the cost of labor for a repair.

Import Passenger Vehicles: $95/hour
Domestic Passenger Vehicles: $105/hour
All Light Trucks: $110/hour

Consultation and Diagnostics

Consultation: $50 flat rate per vehicle

The $50 consultation fee is to cover the mechanic driving out to your vehicle, performing a visual inspection of the problematic system, scanning fault memory from control modules, and road testing to establish a direction for repair and/or diagnostics.

Basic Diagnostics: $50 flat rate per concern

Basic diagnostics covers basic testing to determine the fault. This may include performing electrical tests, removing and testing components, isolating suspension parts, etc. Basic diagnoses are guaranteed accurate or the $50 fee will be refunded. This fee is charged on a per-complaint basis, if multiple complaints have a common cause or system, the fee will only be charged once.

Most diagnostics fall under this category.

No Start Diagnostics: $150 flat rate per vehicle

If your vehicle will turn over but not fire up, you will be subject to the No Start Diagnostic fee. A "crank no start" condition can be one of the trickiest problems to diagnose, and sometimes takes multiple hours.

Computer Diagnostics: $150 flat rate per concern

In the event that your concern pertains to computer control components, this fee is applicable. This fee applies if advanced testing equipment such as a breakout box or oscilloscope have to be used.

Oil Leak Diagnostics: $100 flat rate per vehicle

If your oil leak is not visually detectable, there will be an additional diagnostic fee. Oil leak diagnostics usually includes de-greasing and cleaning the engine, adding UV dye to the oil, and use of talcum leak trace powder to accurately determine the source of the leak.

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